Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas list... 2012

Dear Kris Kringle aka Santa,

It is that time of year and this marks the 4th instalment of my letters to you, well 4th since I have been an adult, all those ones as a child came with milk & cookie. The Christmas music has been playing for about a month now and all my favourite holiday cartoons are playing, helping me relive my youth each night and with that, my list of things I would like follows.

Some reason, I am blessed enough to receive not only the gifts I ask for each year, but I am surpassed with more than I ask for, which for a guy who is not too comfy with accepting gifts period, is overwhelmed by his luck.

With such luck, my list of items has very little change at all...

Gift #1
Please help me in continuing to reach the kids I coach & all the new kids that choose to want to look up to me for advice and guidance. I wish I could say that coaching was just that, but its so much more these days, very draining process as I give 11 months a year to helping these boys grow as players but as young men. Coach, big bro, counsellor & more are all part of the job and as long as I can continue help them to reach their personal goals, I am thankful for my chance to give back

HEALTH!!!  6 years that I have been in remission and not one day passes that I am not thankful for being able to work, coach, hell just walk around. My goal for the New Year is to not only maintain this continued health, but to improve it. For over a year now, I have been having issues with my achilles and its been a daily issue. I have not played basketball in over a year which leaves a big empty feeling in my heart. So I plan to lose some weight and I am also looking into surgery for my achilles. I am thinking about down the road more than now and when the day comes that children are in my life, I would love to be able to run around with them.

Gift #3
This last gift is a hard one to ask for as people grow, priorities change. I would like for all those around me, the ones who choose to stay a part of my life and all those who enter in it this year, to be blessed with positive energy. Everyone has their ups & downs, losing someone, moving away, etc, I just want all my friends and family to be stress free, as it has worked for me and my health.

I should really get back to work now but thanks for listening Santa and thanks for keeping me on your NICE list.



To all those who read this, Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!!

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